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Safety is our highest priority at Artech Millwrights. We strive to ensure that the highest safety measures possible are applied to each and every work situation. Our Artech team undergoes extensive training to be prepared for all types of projects. Each employee is required to be fully trained in the proper use and care of many different types of safety equipment. Our qualified safety personnel hold regular meetings in an order to stay up to date with new and changing requirements in the Health and Safety field. Accident prevention is everyone’s responsibility, and it is this company’s objective to provide a safe and healthy work environment at all times.

In order to eliminate or minimize the hazards that cause accidents and injuries, it is the further policy of Artech Millwrights Inc. to:

Implement a pro-active Company Safety Program that promotes a healthy and safe work environment.

Have our Health & Safety Representative continue with the development of our Safety Program, and encourage the co-operation of all our workers to ensure implementation of these health and safety policies happen in their daily work routine.

Investigate all accidents and near incidents, and to assess as preventable or non-preventable with the objective of initiating non-recurrence.

Evaluate the effectiveness of all Safety efforts and to make corrective amendments to the Safety Policy and Program contents as appropriate.